Our Programs

You’ll find Anima Arts moving in community spaces throughout Northern Colorado, including Longmont, Boulder, Loveland and surrounding areas.

The most consistent response we receive about our programs is how fun they are! We embrace the power of joyful experiences as not an escape from, but a pathway into learning, healing, transformation and health.

The Benefits of Dance and Movement for Children & Adults

  • Attunement
  • Collaboration
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Self Motivation
  • Emotional Expression
  • Self-Regulation
  • Increased IQ
  • Communication 
  • Self-Worth
  • Empathy
  • Art-Appreciation
  • Reconnecting with our bodies
  • Immune support
  • Cognitive functioning
  • Cardiovascular and muscular fitness
  • Coordination and flexibility
  • Memory Promotion
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation
  • Trauma Healing
  • Modeling healthy behaviors for our children
  • Enhanced Bonding
  • Self awareness and confidence
  • Rediscovering our own creative sparks and sense of play

Children’s Creative Movement & Dance

With guided movement explorations, games, music, stories, props, and visual art we inspire children to move in a spirit of discovery. Our programming considers critical thinking, embracing the unknown, and creating and understanding through a variety of methods. In educational spaces and school partnerships we offer arts integration in which students engage in a creative process that connects physical exploration with curricular content, and meets evolving objectives in both.

Curriculum Themes Include:
Health & Wellness
The Natural World
Literature and Art
Social Emotional Learning
Adventures & Exploration
Creative Movement Theories & Concepts

Families Moving Together

Our Family Classes support positive relationships between children and their caregivers, increase physical awareness and child development knowledge, and promote relational play, exploration and healthy behaviors. Our favorite art and learning happen in intergenerational spaces, contributing to a lineage of communities creating strength by engaging generations together.

Nourish Community Events

Our Nourish Community Events bring together families for movement, food, and networking with a shared goal of supporting children’s well-being. In addition, we bring community members to share knowledge, empower activism and offer support in a more communal setting. Community guests may include leaders in environmental and social justice and equity, somatic/occupational/physical therapists, dual language learner specialists, culturally responsive teachers, and public health educators. The events also include community capacity building to take collective action on issues affecting children and families. Local families & communities determine the objectives, resources, and needs for these events and actions, with priority given to those experiencing oppression or injustice.

Past Nourish Events

Educator & Childcare Workshops

Our Educator and Childcare Workshops & Exchanges are centered on creating more opportunities for learning through movement in a child’s home, school, and community. Consultation is offered in creating developmentally appropriate, engaging, creative curricula and activities for each environment. Co-learning and exchange are central to these events. Simultaneous children’s classes are provided in applicable environments.

Additional Offerings

While we focus on childhood, Anima Arts is available for movement classes and programming for teens, adults, seniors, classes specific to children with physical and neurological diversity, pre/postnatal families, teachers, parents, caregivers, and more. As a dance centered organization we are also available for education, choreography and performance in a variety of dance genres for all ages.

We strive the contribute to the goals, needs, and objectives of the families, children, and organizations we work with. Do you have a subject, health goal, curiosity you’d like to explore through dance and movement? Please help us learn more about your needs with our Anima Arts Community Needs Questionnaire.